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Long-tailed Minivet

Clicked on: December 18, 2012 (09:41 hrs)

IDing this bird was tough. First thought it is a Small Minivet. But looks more like a female. Grey-chinned Minivet

Update (Feb 24, 2013): Jyoti corrected this to be Long-tailed Minivet. Following is how she explained:

"As per the field guide and the Sultanpur checklist, 2 kinds of minivets are seen in the park:

Small Minivet
Long-tailed Minivet

The former is seen virtually all over India but the latter is only a winter visitor to some parts of India. SM is 15 cm in size and LTM is about 18 cm. The former's female has a red-rump which your bird isn't showing so I'm declaring your bird as a Long-tailed Minivet female :)

Do look the relevant region checklists for India when needed :"

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