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The Ranthambore Tigress: T-17

Clicked on: February 19, 2012 (17:38 hrs)

My most memorable click. My first DSLR, first wildlife trip and I spotted a tigress -- Ranthambore's T-17!

I was on a canter positioned not more than 50-60m away from the tigress. The big cat emerged from behind the foliage, walked majestically up to a water body, drank water, turned around, wet each of its hind paws, and then partly submerged itself in water.

While I was busy clicking the tigress in burst mode, wife was watching and hearing each movement in real time. She later told me that she could hear the loud slurps as the tigress drank water -- how strong its tongue would be!

Spotting this majestic being on my first wildlife trip was all that was needed for me to carry on with photography.

Special thanks to Sharat Jain who encouraged me to join him on this trip to Ranthambore.

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Ranthambore's Tiger Dynasty